About us

<<So, I'm leaving tomorrow>>
<<...when are you coming back?>>
<<Next year, in 10 months>>

The truth is, I never did.

The first time I left my country - for real - I was 17. I went on an exchange program in the United States and I got to spend there one of the best years of my life so far.
A completely different reality, so that trees could have grown upward out of the soil toward the sky. Exactly where I was. 6.45 am, seat 38F.
<<It will be wonderful>> we used to say and we firmely believed that's what it was going to be like. Not easy, but unforgettable for sure. Once I landed I got to see all the buildings and gardens and things I wasn't used to and eventually I got to know my host family. A family with the same strengths and weaknesses as any other family, just able to face problems in a completely different way. I learned a lot from them and made me who I am today. Many were the experiences I lived during that year and once I came back I felt trapped in such a small place that I used to call home. I had to leave and I made travel my job.
This website was born as a way to develop my creativity and to promote the idea of traveling as the best education; this is how I decided to gather as many travel blogs as possible to create a big community in which whoever wants to experience some time abroad can be supported and informed from real and experienced travelers. Blogs can be found in many different languages because this website wants to spread the word to as many people around the world as possible.
The owner of this website is not responsible for anything that is written in any of the above-cited blogs. We're also against any kind of discrimination, so if by any chance you get offended by anything at all you can contact us by writing to traveling.woodchucks@hotmail.com in order to remove the offensive content.

Once again, enjoy your trip within our site!